Наша команда

UCMS Group Ukraine оказывает услуги по расчету заработной платы, ведению кадрового делопроизводства, а также ведению бухгалтерского учета

Elena Goleva
accountant of the customer service department
«In solving problems, it is not just an accountant or an individual specialist that is important, but the work of a team. And in this we are the best. I am often asked why I have been working at UCMS for so long, because not everyone can stand outsourcing. To be sure, multitasking is not easy, and clients vary. The question is, how you feel about this - the skill of our specialists is to find a way out of the most difficult situations with dignity and smile.»
Trokhimenko Tatiana
HR specialist of the customer service department
«We have no magic wands, but our fairies are able not only to solve the problem, but also to work so that the problem does not arise. Managing HR administration and calculating salaries is not an easy matter, you need to be careful and accurate, not just know the rules for calculating and processing documents, but be able to predict and bypass difficult situations, patiently answer all the most tricky questions and just humanly advise, and sometimes support the client. All this is done by our specialists every day with consistent success. Yes, each of us encounters very confusing situations, but we do not remain with them one on one - collectively we will always find the most correct and least risky solution.»
Romashina Anna
HR specialist of the customer service department
«First of all, we have incredible people: smart, talented, professionals. This is a team in which the competencies of some people complement those of others. It is a reliable and intelligently assembled puzzle. »
Larisa Sviridova
accountant of the customer service department
«October 2007 was my first year at the company. Time flies very quickly - and for 13 years now it has been like one day. Over the years, there has been a lot of different, interesting, sometimes routine, sometimes exciting situations... But the main thing here is people, the team is harmonious and you can always count on support, understanding and respect from an ordinary employee and from a manager. “If you have problems at work - let them know, let them become mine” - not just words, you want to follow such a leader.»
Natalia Kaplunskaya
accountant of the customer service department
«I have been an employee of the UCMS Group for quite a long time and I can say with confidence that all our employees are not only professionals, but also people with whom it is pleasant to spend time. Working in such a well-coordinated and friendly team motivates you to constantly improve your professional skills.»
Elena Zubkova
«The UCMS Group team is unique - with high requirements for the quality of work, we do not have bureaucracy, as in other companies, long planning meetings, internal reports, total control over employees. However, behind the external informality of the office there is a high self-organization and professionalism of each employee. If we have to do something, we do it.»