Startup Outsourcing

Startup Outsourcing

Doing business takes up the lion’s share of the time, and business owners prefer to concentrate entirely on it, do not want to engage in functions that are not related to their main activity. Startup outsourcing is a service of the UCMS Group that allows you to focus on the main thing, quickly enter the market, and successfully fight for competitive positions.

Why is it profitable to outsource startups?

According to statistics, more than 90% of start-up enterprises in Ukraine go bankrupt in the first year of operation, and only 4% reach the stage of attracting investments. The practice of reducing costs at the start of activities has led many enterprises to success. It is worth choosing outsourcing for startups for the following reasons:

  • minimization of costs;
  • reducing staff workload;
  • the minimum number of critical errors for business, the absence of claims from the regulatory authorities;
  • focus on core business;
  • reducing the time for performing typical operations;
  • use of expert solutions;
  • continuity of service, no dependence on sick leave, vacations, layoffs.

The decision to switch to accounting or personnel outsourcing at the stage of company founding gives mobility. With a reduction in the volume of work, it is impossible to fire an employee quickly, and it is easy to revise the scope of an outsourcer’s services. At the same time, attracting professionals, it is possible to increase the scale of activities with minimal costs.

Outsourcing services for startups

We offer outsourcing for startups in terms of personnel and financial tasks. Outsourcing allows newbie companies to save on wages, job creation, and software purchases. Management focuses on business development, knowing that the risk of critical errors is minimal. The range of services includes:

  • advice on choosing a taxation system;
  • preparation of primary documents;
  • payroll preparation;
  • analysis of contracts with counterparties;
  • preparation and submission of tax reports;
  • interaction with extra-budgetary funds, tax authorities;
  • training of the client’s personnel;
  • personnel administration.

We are ready to help with management accounting and full legal support.

The cost of outsourcing for startups is determined by the scope of services agreed individually. During the term of the contract, the cost of service remains fixed. In case of internal changes at the client, we promptly adjust the work.

TOP-3 advantages of cooperation with UCMS Group

We act as independent experts and provide up-to-date and correct information. Customers concentrate on core business and have guarantees:

  • the provider’s responsibility;
  • keeping records in strict accordance with the current legislation;
  • launching the project in 1-2 months after the request.

The results of interaction are efficiently automated accounting, timeliness of fulfillment of obligations, streamlined personnel process, forecasting and effective solution of possible legal problems.

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