Startup Outsourcing

Startup Outsourcing

Any novice entrepreneur on the Ukrainian market needs professional help on a wide range of issues, including the nuances of registration and the subtleties of organizing business processes in terms of work with HR and finance. Outsourcing of startups is an opportunity for young Ukrainian businessmen to overcome bureaucratic difficulties as quickly as possible, without being distracted from the main business tasks.

There is another side of the question: is it profitable for outsourcers to work with newcomers? According to statistics, 90-95% of startups go bankrupt in the first year, and a significant part of the “survivors” – within the next 5 years. Obviously, outsourcing services to start-up companies can only be provided by super-professionals and on more stringent conditions than all other clients.

UCMS Group is among the outsourcing operators who are ready to take on heightened risks and offer newcomer companies tax advice, accounting and management reporting. Among the proposed solutions for this category of clients are accounting support, payroll, HR administration, full legal support.

TOP-3 advantages of cooperation with UCMS Group

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, experienced professionals with an individual approach to the client. By choosing the services of UCMS Group, you will not have to be distracted by communication with the tax office and other government agencies. Feel free to focus on your business activities because:

  • we monitor all changes in legislation and always know about the current requirements for all types of mandatory contributions;
  • We promptly respond to any changes within the client’s company: without additional costs from its side, we will analyze the innovations and make the necessary adjustments to our work;
  • we launch a full-fledged interaction within 1-2 months, at the request of the client – we will start work the next day.

In addition, you have the opportunity to scale the volume of services provided (standard and exclusive packages) at any time without additional third-party assistance, but also without overpaying for redundant services.

Accounting outsourcing for a start-up business: solution benefits

In practice, outsourcing for a young company is both much simpler and much more profitable than the option with its own accountant, and, perhaps, the main plus is the opportunity to buy “half an accountant” or even “a third of an accountant” (in relation to the salary of a full-time specialist). At the same time, both the client and the outsourcer, who is always ready to scale their services, are equally interested in business growth.

In addition to saving on the maintenance of the accounting department / accountant, the obvious advantages include:

  • high guarantees of the correctness of accounting, taking into account the specifics of the chosen industry;
  • timely execution and submission of reports, absence of claims and penalties from the regulatory authorities;
  • reliability of data storage (use of data centers with multilevel protection);
  • continuity of service, elimination of dependence on personnel (temporary disability, vacation, dismissal, etc.);

It is also important to note the possibility of obtaining prompt and competent advice when passing audits and state inspections.

Accounting support for startups in action

The package of services includes comprehensive consultations on the optimization of tax accounting, as well as performance in the context of the client company’s activities:

  • competent tax planning;
  • analysis of contracts from the point of view of accounting and tax accounting, checking documents from suppliers for correctness;
  • formation of primary accounting documents, preparation of internal accounting documentation;
  • collection of documents on the facts of economic activity (including the collection of primary documents through contractors) and their systematization;
  • preparation and submission of state reporting + answers to requests from government agencies and communication with all regulatory authorities;
  • management reporting.

Our specialists competently represent the interests of the client in extra-budgetary funds and tax authorities. As part of the services – training of the client company’s personnel in the collection of primary documentation, the rules for its systematization and transfer.

Send a request for proposed solutions for startups and we will promptly contact you to arrange a meeting and discuss possible cooperation in more specific and detailed terms.