Outsourcing for representative offices of foreign companies

Outsourcing for representative offices of foreign companies

Foreign structures conducting commercial activities in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine often find themselves in situations that hinder further business development. Difficulties arise due to the lack of experience of interaction with government agencies, from insufficient knowledge of Ukrainian legislation. UCMS Group – part of an international group – offers outsourcing for foreign companies with representative offices in our country. We provide comprehensive services based on many years of experience, help to adapt to the market, to establish business processes.

Outsourcing services

A foreign representative office is obliged to maintain accounting and tax records, submit reports in a timely manner on the territory of Ukraine, for this, full-fledged accounting services are required. Accounting outsourcing for foreign companies, performed by our specialists, covers:

  • bookkeeping, tax accounting;
  • preparation of IFRS reporting for the parent company;
  • integration of the local accounting system with global accounting systems;
  • calculation of wages, development of provisions on bonuses with adaptation to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;
  • Legal support
  • timely preparation and submission of all types of reports.

The scope of services can be narrowed or expanded depending on the scale of the subsidiary and the specifics of its activities. The customer pays only for the actual work performed.

We are not limited to supporting accounting and tax accounting and offer foreign companies outsourcing of legal services. Legal support can be:

  • assistance in choosing the organizational and legal form (creation of JSC, LLC, representative office without forming a legal entity);
  • business registration;
  • advising on foreign exchange legislation, export-import, customs operations;
  • accreditation of subsidiaries;
  • full legal outsourcing.

We have all the necessary resources to provide comprehensive support to foreign clients.

Benefits of outsourcing foreign missions

UCMS Group has chosen as an outsourcer divisions of Red Bull, Bosch, Ehrmann, Hochland, Royal Canin. Foreigners willingly recommend us to partners, noting a wide range of services, language support (the team maintains documentation, communicates with the customer in English), expert knowledge of accounting, the specifics of working with foreign business structures.

Pros of partnership:

  • use of world experience and best local practices for doing business in Ukraine;
  • support in selected areas in the local office and in the main division;
  • guarantee of the accuracy of all information provided;
  • precise control of tax risks;
  • the ability to test the feasibility of entering the local market with minimal costs;
  • reduction of costs associated with the creation and maintenance of jobs, the purchase of software;
  • maximum confidentiality of information.

The cost of outsourcing for foreign companies depends on the volume of services and is formed individually, agreed upon before agreeing on the contract. Order services so that your business in Ukraine grows legally.