Medium and large business outsourcing

Medium and large business outsourcing

Medium-sized companies, large holdings, corporations with their own staff of personnel officers, accountants are faced with problems for the solution of which there is not enough available resources. This can be the dismissal of the chief accountant, export-import operations, VAT refunds, mass hiring of employees, submission of reports and other situations that require experience, time, and professional knowledge. Outsourcing of medium-sized businesses, accounting, personnel support of large enterprises – services of the UCMS Group.

The transfer of non-core functions to external management allows you to save resources, maintain the confidentiality of operations, and reduce tax risks.

In-house departments or outsourcing?

The head of a business, which operates hundreds of product names, has subsidiaries and a complex production cycle, information for making management decisions is provided by the accounting department and the personnel department, but these data are not always complete and reliable. Problems of our own specialized departments:

  • operating with standard accounting rules, office work that do not take into account a specific business model, organizational, territorial or financial structure of the company;
  • orientation of accounting to fiscal needs without taking into account the financial information required to manage the company.

Outsourcing is preferred by medium-sized business leaders who want to fully control risks and make management decisions based on reliable information.

Directions of outsourcing services

We serve enterprises registered in Kyiv and all over Ukraine as LLC, JSC, with other organizational and legal forms, and foreign companies. We provide services:

  • accounting (separate areas or complex);
  • payroll preparation;
  • personnel administration.

In each direction, the composition of services is negotiated, the volume of which determines the cost of outsourcing. When forming a commercial proposal, the industry specificity of the activity is taken into account.

It is advantageous for the heads of organizations whose activities are related to cargo transportation, wholesale trade, leasing, foreign economic activity to delegate accounting to a provider in order to be sure that there are no mistakes arising from insufficient qualifications of staff specialists. UCMS Group specialists monitor legislative changes and have many years of experience in supporting specific business sectors.

The current direction of services is personnel outsourcing for medium and large enterprises. Delegating certain functions to the provider allows you to:

  • free the personnel department from labor-intensive operations, directing efforts to long-term planning, human resource management, which will increase the motivation of employees;
  • reduce the cost of performing personnel functions;
  • work in the legislative field and minimize risks.

In the process of scaling up, the internal HR department may have new responsibilities. Outsourcing allows you to save on the introduction of new modules into the information system, software maintenance.

Benefits of switching to outsourcing for large and medium-sized businesses

Medium-sized enterprises get the opportunity to grow steadily while saving financial and human resources. With a high level of automation, a full-time accountant is unloaded, and assigning the functions of a cashier to him can lead to errors. Involvement of UCMS Group specialists solves the problem.

Giant companies are outsourcing certain areas of accounting and personnel management. The advantages are savings in infrastructure, lower operating costs, and it also becomes possible to cope with large-scale tasks without increasing staff. We provide our clients with information security, use a two-level quality control of services and are ready to start the service immediately after the conclusion of the contract.