Payroll outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing

Among corporate clients, representatives of small businesses in Ukraine, there is a great demand for the transfer of accounting functions to specialized companies. Payroll outsourcing is a progressive approach that allows you to minimize tax risks, reduce time costs, and avoid dependence on your own personnel.

Salary is the most difficult area of accounting. The sphere is governed by several areas of law and contains frequently changing legislative acts. A staff accountant can make a mistake, get sick, quit, which threatens to disrupt the production process, and fines.

Since 2006 UCMS Group has been providing payroll services in Ukraine and other foreign countries. Our clients – Red Bull, Kyivstar, Bosch, Ehrmann, Hochland, Royal Canin and other corporations – are not just satisfied with the service. They recommend us as a responsible, intelligent, competent team of professionals.

Payroll services

During the period of work, we realized how important it is to be flexible in the provision of payroll services. We promptly respond to changes in the initial data, the emergence of a new type of payments without additional costs from clients, etc.

Andpayroll outsourcing with our company is a clear and transparent process. Experts communicate directly with customers. We evaluate the results of the work together, which proves our readiness to take into account any wishes. We implement salary systems tailored specifically to your business.

The standard list of services includes:

  • calculation of wages, advance payment, contributions, taxes;
  • reports for state bodies provided for by law: ESV, 1-DF and other forms;
  • inter-settlement payments: upon dismissal, sick pay, vacations, overtime, bonuses, compensations;
  • monthly payment documents, pay slips in printed form or with placement on a web portal;
  • import file and posting to your financial system.

We create an exclusive offer depending on the needs of our clients. It may include the development of a remuneration system, bonuses, calculation of the budget of the annual salary fund, control of the timeliness of tax payments. All outsourcing processes are accompanied by information and consulting support.

Interaction order

We practice a simple effective cooperation scheme:

  • visit to the office in Kiev, submitting an application on the website;
  • studying the needs of the customer;
  • preparation of a commercial offer;
  • coordination of the volume and price of services;
  • agreement and signing of the contract;
  • beginning of work.

Payroll outsourcing cost is negotiated individually, depends on the number of employees and a set of options. You pay only for the accounting services you need. It takes 1–1.5 months to collect data and integrate with the financial system of an enterprise.

Payroll outsourcing with UCMS Group – customer benefit

We guarantee the absence of errors in calculations and the quality of the work performed. Our strengths that work for your business:

  • thorough knowledge of changes in legislation;
  • an integrated approach to service: involving professional accountants, auditors, lawyers, IT specialists;
  • observance of data confidentiality;
  • independence of outsourcing processes from sick leave, employee vacations;
  • the use of advanced technical solutions that provide constant access to accounting data.

Your result is the absence of fines from the regulatory authorities, concentration on the important tasks of your business, reducing the cost of the wage fund, conducting training seminars, equipping workplaces, software.

By giving us payrol lon outsourcing , you will not only recoup the investment, but also multiply their return.

5 advantages of UCMS Group

We know about all changes in legislation
We are aware of the latest changes in the field of wages: tax payments and other mandatory contributions.
Our team consists of only experienced professionals
We employ qualified specialists with an individual approach to the client
We take into account all changes within the client’s company
Clients cooperate with us on an ongoing basis. And we promptly respond to any changes in clients’ companies – we analyze and, if necessary, make adjustments to our work. This does not require additional costs on the part of the client – the option is included in the standard package of services.
We launch a new project in 1-2 months
We develop and agree on the order of interaction for each company. We can start work the next day – depending on the wishes of the client.
We offer both standard and exclusive service packages
Check with our consultant for details.