Expert in payroll / HR management in the office

Expert in payroll / HR management in the office

Every company that uses hired labor is required to maintain HR records and pay wages to employees. For high-quality accounting administration, you need to integrate HR specialists, accountants, lawyers into the process. Not all enterprises can afford to maintain additional staff positions, but even if there is such an opportunity, the efficiency of the work of specialists may be lower than required. HR outsourcing – service of the UCMS Group company. We have been working in Ukraine and in other foreign countries since 2006 and provide services to hundreds of enterprises of different formats and business profiles. Our specialists have excellent knowledge of the regulatory framework and have extensive experience.

We guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the calculations, the safety and confidentiality of data, which ensures the effectiveness of the management of HR and financial processes, of the business as a whole.

Services of an expert in payroll and HR administration

Payroll and HR administration services can be provided both one-time and as a permanent service. What can be a one-time service? For example, an accountant or HR specialist of a client company falls ill, went on vacation or quit – a UCMS Group specialist can come to the client’s office and perform all the necessary tasks. A one-time service can be preparation and support of verification or restoration of HR documentation.

If the staff of the company grows, there is a turnover, then it is advisable to conclude a contract for permanent maintenance.

HR outsourcing is the implementation of the following processes:

  • preparation of salary documents;
  • support of the conclusion of contracts;
  • registration and filling of labor books;
  • drawing up a timesheet;
  • reflection of vacation pay, sick leave, compensation;
  • preparation of reports to government bodies;
  • consultations, etc.

You can delegate to the UCMS Group only the necessary functions and pay for the maintenance of only certain business processes.

HR outsourcing prices are formed individually for each client. The cost depends on the number of employees, volume, factors of complexity. The cost of one-time services is calculated taking into account the number of hours required to complete the work.

HR outsourcing with UCMS Group is a promising choice

Often the company accountant conducts HR records management, but he is not always able to keep records correctly, as deep knowledge of the Labor Code is required. Errors in documents can lead to fines during inspections, loss of image, conflicts with personnel. We provide services in a comprehensive manner, coordinate the work of the client’s HR specialist and accountant or perform their functions.

Other positive aspects of cooperation:

  • financial savings. HR outsourcing cost is lower than costs of maintaining a full-time employee. The employer’s expenses per employee include not only the salary, but also the cost of the workplace equipment (office space, equipment, etc.), licensed software;
  • minimization of risks in the field of labor relations (current state of documentation, quality and timeliness of calculations, correct accounting entries);
  • data confidentiality guarantee;
  • access to the accumulated cases, knowledge base, expertise;
  • redistribution of internal resources of the company to solve strategic business problems.

We practice a flexible approach to the client and his needs, we are fully responsible for the obligations assumed. To order the service, fill out the form on the website.