Payroll calculation for top managers

Payroll calculation for top managers

Top managers are senior managers who are responsible for choosing a development strategy and have the authority to make and implement key decisions. The amount of their wages is a commercial secret, the disclosure of which has a number of negative consequences for the business. To comply with the security and privacy policy, we suggest using a special solution from UCMS Group – outsourcing of payroll for top managers in Ukraine.

Hiring an external contractor to calculate the salaries of selected employees is advisable for large legal entities where several top managers work.

Risks of disclosing confidential information

The salaries of top managers may become known to staff and competitors due to human factors, illegal access or technical failures of electronic systems. Data leakage has negative consequences:

  • the effectiveness of employees in lower positions decreases due to a drop in motivation;
  • highly qualified specialists are invited to work by business competitors. Finding a new professional takes time and money;
  • the company is forced to raise the salaries of some of its employees.

In the environment of top management, there is always a competitive moment within one enterprise. Confidential outsourcing of payroll for top managers allows you to avoid unnecessary emotions within the team.

Service delivery process

The outsourcing process begins after the agreement and signing of the contract with the customer. As part of the contract, we accept financial risks, we guarantee the correctness and timeliness of calculations. Information is available to our employees by access matrices only during the period of the contract. Outsourcing price of payroll for top managers is formed individually.

The agreement describes the format of cooperation:

  • contact persons of the customer company and outsourcer are determined, staff accounting does not have access to data;
  • reporting to the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund is formed separately for the management group, which isolates information from the data of other employees;
  • calculation of wages and taxes takes place within the agreed time frame. Bank payment documents are provided in the prescribed form. The transfer is made to a separate account, the data on the remuneration of the top management group are depersonalized;
  • calculations are performed on the basis of a secure IT platform.

The combination of these rules ensures maximum confidentiality about the income of top managers.

Outsourcing of top managers’ salaries – advantages

UCMS Group is a leading provider of payroll and HR administration. The service is adapted to the client’s business requirements and is provided in accordance with the SLA.

Benefits for clients:

  • elimination of the risk of spreading salary data of top managers within the company and outside it;
  • use of secure channels of information transmission;
  • ensuring the interchangeability of the provider’s specialists.

To order the service, fill out the application on the website. Project approval and launch of the outsourcing of salaries of top managers takes from two weeks to one month.

5 advantages of UCMS Group

We know about all changes in legislation
We are aware of the latest changes in the field of wages: tax payments and other mandatory contributions.
Our team consists of only experienced professionals
We employ qualified specialists with an individual approach to the client
We take into account all changes within the client’s company
Clients cooperate with us on an ongoing basis. And we promptly respond to any changes in clients’ companies – we analyze and, if necessary, make adjustments to our work. This does not require additional costs on the part of the client – the option is included in the standard package of services.
We launch a new project in 1-2 months
We develop and agree on the order of interaction for each company. We can start work the next day – depending on the wishes of the client.
We offer both standard and exclusive service packages
Check with our consultant for details.