Transition to electronic workbooks

Transition to electronic workbooks

On June 10, 2021, the transition to electronic workbooks started. On July 23, the Pension Fund of Ukraine approved the procedure for submitting data on the employment of employees.

Where to read?

The procedure for submitting information on the employment of employee, private entrepreneurs, person who provides himself with work independently, via electronic form (Procedure № 11-1)


Records of labor activity will be registered not in paper documents, but in electronic ones mandatory. Electronic labor book is a set of information in the register of insured persons of the State Register of Compulsory State Social Insurance. The transition period will last for 5 years.

Two ways to submit information to the state register

  1. Information about the employee’s employment is submitted by the employee through the personal account on the Pension Fund website.
  2. Information on the employee’s employment is provided by the Company for employees.
    • by copies of documents specified in law, made by scanning;
    • in digital form – by creating an appropriate electronic record in an individual web-page of the Company or insured person on the electronic services web portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, which is accompanied by scanned copies of documents.

UCMS Group provides services for transmission of information about the employment through the web portal of the PF.

Step 1

Conducting an audit of employment records.

  • Checking the correctness of the title page
  • Checking the compliance of the job titles entered in the employment record with the Classifier

Step 2

Making electronic records in the list of information on employment on the PF website:

  • Company name
  • work periods, education periods, etc.
  • transfer from one position to another position or another job;
  • position name
  • reason for interrupting the employment
  • document which was the basis to make input about work by combination of positions.

Step 3

Upload of electronic copy of the record book to the PF website.

This is necessary to perfom the work

  1. Access to employment records of employees.
  2. Access to the electronical signature used to access the PF portal.
  3. Technical access to scanning devices (if the archive is in the client’s office).

The cost of services is calculated at the hourly rate based on the amount of work.