Document management

Document management

If the document flow in the organization is built correctly, it is ready for any inspections, restructuring, growth and reduction of the number of employees, audit, sale.
We can help you build a strong, dedicated service from the ground up, or we can take on the challenge. We are able to automate work with documents and organize it so that everything you need is at your fingertips.

What is the company’s document management service responsible for?

Such a service performs several important business functions:

  • builds the circulation of external and internal documentation so that everything is reflected in the accounting systems, nothing is lost, and each employee knows who should sign this or that document;
  • quickly and competently prepares the forms of contracts, additional agreements, acts, orders, statements, certificates and reports;
  • controls the execution and maintenance of reference work;
  • registers all incoming documents;
  • keeps documents in the archive of the enterprise so that they are convenient and easy to find.

The specialists responsible for the workflow must know the modern methodology for its maintenance and automation, monitor changes in legislation and new technologies that simplify work.

How we can help you organize your office work

  • We will study your business processes and advise how to organize document management: entrust it to employees of existing departments or create a separate service;
  • We will develop the organizational structure of the new service, calculate the number of personnel, write the regulations for its work;
  • We will conduct an audit of your workflow and give specific recommendations for improving it;
  • We will develop all the necessary procedures and regulations;
  • We will train your employees to manage paperwork correctly, taking into account your business processes. We will tell you how to achieve compliance with the developed methodology and regulate business processes.

How we can help you with your paperwork

  • We are ready to take on this task in part or in full. Outsourcing of external and internal workflow will give you a number of significant advantages that are difficult to obtain if you do business on your own;
  • Fast implementation of the latest practices. More convenient ways for business to work with documents are constantly appearing in the world – they will immediately appear for you;
  • Elimination of weak points, “bottlenecks” in your workflow system. We see all the errors and inaccuracies and offer options for improvements. With the proper organization of processes, any audit is quick and easy;
  • Reduced dependence on staff. You will not be left without employees at the most inopportune moment. You don’t have to urgently look for new people and train them. We don’t get sick, we don’t go on vacation, we don’t quit. We have been providing services in this area since 2006, and our experience today works for you;
  • Optimization of costs and focus on key employees. You do not need additional staff for the routine work with documents.

Free up resources to hire and grow talented and valuable people.

5 advantages of UCMS Group

We know about all changes in legislation
We are aware of the latest changes in the field of wages: tax payments and other mandatory contributions.
Our team consists of only experienced professionals
We employ qualified specialists with an individual approach to the client
We take into account all changes within the client’s company
Clients cooperate with us on an ongoing basis. And we promptly respond to any changes in clients’ companies – we analyze and, if necessary, make adjustments to our work. This does not require additional costs on the part of the client – the option is included in the standard package of services.
We launch a new project in 1-2 months
We develop and agree on the order of interaction for each company. We can start work the next day – depending on the wishes of the client.
We offer both standard and exclusive service packages
Check with our consultant for details.