Taxes planning

Taxes planning

Ignorance of the full scope of tax laws, bylaws leads to the commission of, at first glance, profitable transactions and operations in commercial activities. After deducting taxes, it turns out that the transactions that were made were not only not profitable, but also turned out to be unprofitable. Tax planning allows you to avoid such situations.

The UCMS Group company is engaged in the optimization of compulsory contributions of enterprises and organizations operating in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine and abroad. We act within the framework of the law, taking into account the possible legal consequences.

Tax planning services in the organization

As part of the contract for the services of tax planning of the company, we:

  • analyze the situation, set tasks for implementation;
  • checking the current taxation scheme;
  • we eliminate system errors in tax accounting;
  • we develop tools for optimization, assess the risks from the introduction of new schemes. The developed solutions are reliable, resistant to the actions of business partners and internal factors of influence;
  • we introduce the developed methods;
  • we advise on all related issues.

The service package can be formed in a standard, individual version. The cost of support is determined at the stage of signing the contract, it depends on the volume and specifics of the work. The result of interaction is an expert opinion on the state of tax accounting, recommendations for further actions.

In the process of introducing an optimal taxation scheme, we assess the prospects of transactions for the selected load, work out the procedure for reorganizing a business, participating in investment projects in terms of tax consequences.

Depending on the goals set, we can conclude an agreement for the current (for the next reporting period), short-term (year and a half) or long-term tax planning in the organization for 5 years. To start our cooperation, please provide documents and information regarding the activities of the company. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Customer benefits

Tax planning carried out by specialists allows you to:

  • reduce the size of duties, fees, mandatory contributions;
  • increase business profitability;
  • make obligatory deductions in a timely manner in full;
  • to minimize penalties;
  • postpone payments to a later date legally.

Easing the burden of mandatory contributions, the use of rational ways to reduce payments – additional opportunities to maximize the profitability of financial and economic activities, further effective development of the enterprise.

We carry out the entrusted work with high quality, on time, we practice only legal methods. Our guarantees are confirmed by numerous reviews of representatives of large and medium-sized businesses, certification of the quality management system in accordance with international standards.

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