Tax audit support

Tax audit support

Tax audits are organized for state control of enterprises in Ukraine. Their purpose is to identify errors in accounting, facts of tax evasion, etc. You should take the verification measures seriously, even with the impeccable state of accounting and office work, the fiscal inspector can find a reason for a fine. We offer a service of accompanying of tax audits with the involvement of consultants, accountants and lawyers of the UCMS Group. Our participation in the process ensures that the actions of the regulatory authorities do not go beyond the legal framework.

Legal support content

Scheduled, unscheduled field, office inspections pose an increased risk for the enterprise. The visit of the auditors is an everyday event for our team, but it is often stressful for the management and staff of the auditor. By implementing the fiscal function, representatives of the tax authorities can introduce unreasonable violations into the act, exceed their powers.

Legal support of tax audits reduces the risks for the customer of services.

Support activities depend on the stage of engaging our specialists. For maximum efficiency, it makes sense to contact a tax lawyer when preparing for a scheduled audit. In this case, we carry out:

  • risk analysis;
  • internal audit;
  • elimination of gaps, errors, irregularities in personnel records management, accounting;
  • negotiations with representatives of regulatory authorities on behalf of the customer, analysis of the legality of their actions, requirements.

It is impossible to prepare in advance for unscheduled state control. In such situations, we check the validity of the appointment, conduct a fiscal audit, and exercise the right to protect the taxpayer from illegal tax control.

In the case of admission of auditors, the support of tax audits includes:

  • analysis of aspects that attracted attention;
  • legal protection during the seizure of documentation;
  • development of a behavior strategy for all officials of the customer;
  • ensuring the inadmissibility of the seizure of property;
  • preparation, filing of an act of objection;
  • judicial appeal against illegal actions and results.

Before office audits, we prepare documentation, help to draw up written explanations, if such a need arises.

The cost of accompanying a tax audit is determined at the stage of concluding an agreement on an individual basis. The price of the service is transparent, justified by the complexity of the task.

Benefits for customers

Our specialists show maximum efficiency in decision-making and a high level of competence. Any action that contradicts Ukrainian law is immediately stopped.

As a result of accompanying a tax audit, you get:

  • reduction or elimination of fines;
  • protection against unfounded claims;
  • an acceptable way out of an unpleasant situation.

We serve various business areas, we work in all districts of Kiev. Our professional liability is insured.

We recommend that you periodically check the information on planned audits published on the official website of the fiscal department, find out in advance the reasons for including them in the audit plan, and prepare in advance for the audit. Fill out the online form, call us to receive a commercial offer.