Management consulting

Management consulting

Stable business development requires a thorough organization of internal processes, an effective management system, continuous improvement of the work of top managers. Management consulting is an activity aimed at achieving these goals. The introduction of the process into the business allows you to stand out from the competitive environment, strengthen the advantages, and reach for a new level of development.

UCMS Group offers the development, improvement of existing forms of management, optimization of operational processes for organizations in Kyiv, other cities of Ukraine and foreign companies.

Management consulting services

The essence of the work of management consultants is to find answers to questions related to making management decisions. Often, a manager cannot objectively assess the feasibility of entering a new market, reducing costs in certain segments, opening a branch, transferring part of the functions to outsourcing, etc.

Consulting can cover all aspects of the business or individual segments: sales management, logistics, IT structure management, procurement, supply, finance, personnel, and also including strategic consulting.

As a result of management consulting, the company receives quantitative and qualitative results. Performance indicators change for the better: profitability, financial turnover, profit, production costs are reduced.

Qualitative transformations:

  • improvement of techniques, technologies;
  • beneficial structural changes;
  • mastering new competencies;
  • lack of internal problems.

We practice an individual approach to the formation of a team of consultants, to which lawyers, financiers, auditors, and industry experts are involved at any stage of the project, which guarantees a prompt and competent solution to the task.

Benefits of implementing management consulting

It is not only the need for expertise that forces managers to seek expert help, but also the need to “look” from the outside, an independent assessment. Other reasons for contacting may be:

  • unstable economic situation;
  • fluctuations in oil prices, exchange rates;
  • rebranding;
  • change of suppliers;
  • expansion of the product line;
  • access to foreign markets;
  • internal disagreements among the top managers of the company.

During the period of work, we have accumulated the best practices in various business sectors, implemented hundreds of projects, which allows us to find a solution to any managerial problem of the customer. Our employees have industry and analytical competencies. We will help you maximize the potential of your business.

The cost of management consulting services depends on the tasks, scope of work and is determined individually. This can be a one-time consultation or ongoing service under a subscription agreement. Approximate prices for individual services are shown in the price list on our website.

To form an individual commercial proposal for consulting services, fill out an application on the website.