Improving the efficiency of the financial activities of the enterprise

Improving the efficiency of the financial activities of the enterprise

The attractiveness of a business is lost if the profit from doing it is significantly lower than the initial investment. Lack of spending planning is the reason for the bankruptcy of many companies. Improving the efficiency of the financial activities of an enterprise is a system of measures developed on the basis of an analysis of activities, an assessment of key indicators.

The UCMS Group company conducts a financial performance assessment for clients in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine and for foreign companies. The result of the service is a real understanding of the state of finances, existing risks, determination of ways to improve the effectiveness of financial and economic activities.

Research objects

Achievement of this goal is realized by solving a number of tasks. For a comprehensive assessment, the following are studied and analyzed:

  • assets, receivables;
  • revenue, costs;
  • own and borrowed resources;
  • creditworthiness;
  • potential additional tax charges;
  • composition, cost of stocks, illiquid assets;
  • internal control system;
  • accounting, management accounting;
  • reliability, completeness of reporting, dynamics of indicators.

The work is carried out by analysts, business valuation experts. Based on the study, a conclusion is made about the reliability of information about the company’s profit, about financial stability, measures are being developed to improve the efficiency of financial activities.

We provide professional advice on all issues that will help you save time and avoid risks.

Customer benefits

The lack of opportunities to increase the financial efficiency of the organization through the redistribution of responsibilities, the organization of the internal control system necessitates an independent examination, measures to improve the performance. Many years of experience, the qualifications of our specialists guarantee the fulfillment of the assigned tasks in full.

Advantages of treatment:

  • maintaining confidentiality;
  • providing services to companies in any field;
  • fixing the cost of services upon signing the contract;
  • forecast of the main directions of further development;
  • specific recommendations for increasing financial efficiency, their compliance with international and Ukrainian standards, an action plan to improve the management system.

As a result of the implementation of the developed measures, the enterprises that used our service were able to minimize the costs that form the cost of production, obtain a balance sheet profit, and reach the level of profitability in amounts that allow capitalizing part of the profit.

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