Due diligence

Due diligence

Acquiring a profitable asset can only seem like a good investment. After the transaction, it may turn out that an erroneous decision has been made, entailing litigation, not recoupable costs. Negative consequences can be avoided if Due diligence is carried out – a comprehensive independent assessment of the investment object. The audit is aimed at protecting the interests of investors, reducing business risks.

UCMS Group conducts a comprehensive business audit based on its experience in the field of legal consulting. Our clients are banks, investment funds, enterprises in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine and foreign companies.

When is Due diligence necessary?

Due diligence is ordered:

  • when changing the owner of the business;
  • when creating joint ventures, in the processes of mergers, acquisitions;
  • before placing securities on the exchange;
  • in order to check the effectiveness of the activities of subsidiaries, the reliability of potential business partners;
  • when opening foreign missions.

Lawyers, analysts, advocates, financiers work on projects. The result of teamwork is providing the customer with complete reliable information about the investment object, issuing practical solutions to eliminate, reduce legal and other problems.

Types of due diligence

We carry out all known areas of Due diligence:

  • general research of financial condition, legal risks, taxation system, all aspects of activity. Based on the results, the investor makes an informed decision;
  • legal Due diligence. In the course of the research, documents of title, legality of activities, collective, labor contracts, and other contracts are checked. Transactions with shares, stocks, property, non-property rights, etc .;
  • financial. Monitoring includes checking the financial management system, assessing the value of the object, the presence of unaccounted debt obligations, aspects that may negatively affect the financial condition in the future, studying the profitability of activities, the cost structure;
  • tax. The analysis includes checking tax accounting and reporting for compliance with legislation, assessing potential tax risks that may be assigned to the investor;
  • technical audit. It is carried out to study the state of large-scale, high-tech industries, transport companies. The possibility of operating investment objects, the need for modernization is established.

The procedures are strictly regulated. We adhere to the international pre-investment appraisal procedure, but we approach each project individually. We have developed copyright programs for legal and other types of audit for various business areas.

Due diligence services

For each type of assessment, a program of activities is developed that differ in the direction of research. General steps of the procedure:

  • collection of information, documents on the selected type of due diligence. We guarantee confidentiality in the process of working on the information provided;
  • data analysis taking into account all aspects, the mutual influence of the discovered facts;
  • complete reliable report on the current state of the company, forecast of potential changes, recommendations for the acquisition of assets.

The cost of the Due diligence service is determined individually, depending on the specifics of the object, complexity, scope of work. For consultation and ordering the service, call us or leave an online application.