Consulting on accounting and taxation issues

Consulting on accounting and taxation issues

Almost every day, there are updates and innovations in the legislative and regulatory acts of Ukraine. It can be difficult for accountants in commercial, government agencies to track new regulations that directly affect the operation of the enterprise. Professional advice on accounting and taxation – a service from the UCMS Group company. Customers receive explanations on current legislation and optimal solutions in non-standard situations.

The service can be provided on a one-time basis or under a valid outsourcing agreement.

Tax consulting

Lack of competence and inexperience of full-time accounting staff are common reasons why tax problems remain unresolved or incorrectly resolved. As a result – lost time, losses for business, fines from regulatory authorities. Consulting a professional tax lawyer solves any problem or prevents its occurrence.

Some aspects of tax advice:

  • selection of the optimal taxation system;
  • legislative changes;
  • clarification of the applicability of tax law to specific business transactions;
  • nuances in purchase and sale transactions, in attracting investments, in income;
  • preparation of declarations;
  • receiving benefits on fiscal contributions;
  • development of a tax planning system;
  • the procedure for appealing against the actions of fiscal authorities in Kiev, other cities of Ukraine, etc.

Timely receipt of reliable information allows you to save time on finding and interpreting standards, reduce risks, and increase the competence of ordinary employees and management.

Accounting consulting

Correctness is the fundamental principle of accounting. If full-time specialists are familiar with legislative acts, they must correctly implement them, apply them with maximum benefit for the enterprise.

Accounting consulting covers:

  • accounting in specific types of business activities;
  • display of cash, banking operations;
  • explanations of changes in legislation;
  • reflection of transactions in electronic systems;
  • relationships with suppliers, customers;
  • formation of primary documents, financial reports, etc.

The legal regulations governing financial and business activities can be complex, but they must be applied promptly and correctly. There is usually no time for correspondence with government agencies to obtain clarifications. Timely assistance of a specialist allows you to avoid unnecessary work and mistakes, and to set up the accounting correctly.

Why do they contact us?

We have been working in the outsourcing market since 2006. Our team includes lawyers, tax attorneys, auditors, accountants who are constantly improving their qualifications in practice. Joint work on the task at hand allows finding the optimal solution in the shortest possible time and minimizing risks.

We offer:

  • oral, written consultations, by phone, e-mail;
  • detailed answers in accessible language;
  • step-by-step instructions for further actions;
  • opinions of professional specialists on the current situations.

Interaction with customers is organized directly, i.e. without a contact center, which makes consulting easier and faster. Accounting and tax consulting is conducted under strict confidentiality standards. All data is protected.

The cost of consulting services is calculated individually. Clients who have signed an outsourcing agreement with us receive them free of charge. We understand that often there is no time for waiting, so we are ready to provide information sufficient to make an informed, correct decision within 24 hours.