Business process audit

Business process audit

Business process audit is an independent check that allows you to assess the level of efficiency, identify and eliminate problem areas in the work of the company. Knowledge of the key, internal processes makes it possible to determine the strengths of the business, to outline the ways of development and optimization.

Business process audit is a service of the UCMS Group. We work with clients in Kyiv, in other cities of Ukraine, we serve foreign companies. Internal divisions of the company are not always able to objectively check their work, and we will provide an independent and impartial report.

Objectives and format of business process audit

An audit is carried out for the following purposes:

  • identification of incompetent internal procedures;
  • search for sites with the greatest loss of resources;
  • determination of the reasons for the decline in the quality of goods, services;
  • elimination of problems with finances, growth of debts, freezing of funds;
  • identification of potential risks in business activities;
  • assessment before potential sale.

It is worth ordering an independent study in cases of key customers leaving, when complaints appear, when internal instructions and regulations do not contribute to productivity growth.

We propose to conduct:

  • audit of management processes, economic activities, investment management;
  • analysis of sales, production, purchases;
  • analysis of accounting, personnel records, legal support, office work and other supporting processes.

An audit is possible in an express format (takes 1-2 days), a thorough one – according to the Due diligence methodology. Terms and cost of services are discussed individually when concluding a contract.

Activities within the service

The first step of audit research is collecting primary information, formulating project objectives, studying documents, interviewing stakeholders. Further steps:

  • description of processes “as is” based on detailed economic analysis, determination of the relationship between departments;
  • optimization in accordance with the goals of the project – “as it should be”;
  • formalization of the result, ready for implementation.

You can order complex studies or check individual areas, for example, conduct an audit of the management system.

Audit result

At the end of the analysis, the customer receives a report with a detailed overview of the investigated processes, identified potential risks, recommendations for optimizing commercial activities. We also issue:

  • list of activities, description of changes in business processes after their implementation;
  • recommendations for improving operational activities, delineation of responsibilities, strengthening control.

After the implementation of the recommendations, the efficiency and productivity of business activities, the quality of control increase, and time and financial costs are reduced. Documentation complies with legal requirements, industry standards, internal policies.