Maintenance of accounting segments

Maintenance of accounting segments

In the course of business activities, the load on the finance department can increase significantly. This problem can be solved by increasing the staff, which will entail additional costs, or by partial transfer ofaccounting to outsourcing . The client himself determines which tasks are more efficient to outsource.

UCMS Group has been specializing in accounting outsourcing since 2006. We serve Ukrainian enterprises and foreign companies, we can provide permanent service, and we can help with one-time tasks – for example, in labor-intensive projects. The UCMS Group team has extensive experience, deep theoretical and practical knowledge to effectively promote your business.

Scope of service

It makes sense to outsource accounting areas requiring large labor costs and involving the processing of complex operations and documents. The main directions of services:

  • restoration of accounting. When passing or on the eve of the check, you need to prepare, enter documents into the database, draw up corrective reports, which greatly increases the load on the regular accounting department. We restore accounting promptly and in accordance with the law, we take measures to reduce tax risks;
  • banking operations (maintenance of current payments, formation of payment orders, control of receivables / payables, reflection in the accounting of transactions related to the movement of cash flows);
  • currency control, including the analysis of contracts, maintenance of registers of payments, timely transfer of documents to the banking department;
  • settlements with counterparties, consumers (collection, control over the correct execution of primary documents, entering information into the database, reconciliation with counterparties, generating invoices);
  • support of cash transactions.

The list of services is agreed and fixed in the contract. Scaling is possible depending on the actual requirements, the situation at the customer’s enterprise.

Accounting outsourcing in LLC can be a one-off project. We prepare and submit zero reporting, help to register a legal entity, advise on any specialized issues. The cost of services is formed individually after analyzing the brief, initial data, and agreeing on services. It depends on the number and complexity of operations, the number of employees, etc.

Keeping accounting areas is your benefit

Main argument for partial transfer ofaccounting outsourcing – financial feasibility. There is no need to employ an accountant, buy licensed software, equip a workplace, or train the employer. The cost of the service can include hosting, support, storage of the client’s database on UCMS Group servers with dedicated permanent access.

Other benefits:

  • no errors in bookkeeping. Our professional responsibility for the quality of service is insured;
  • effective use of the client’s resources that can be involved in specialized business processes;
  • no risk of complication of the organizational structure of LLC, TOV, PP. Instead of creating a new department, unpredictable in terms of costs, you use the services of experts in the specialized field at the cost fixed in the contract;
  • constant communication with the accountant for advice.

In addition to the listed advantages of outsourcing certain types of accounting, there is an indirect benefit. In the process of interacting with representatives of the outsourcer, your in-house specialists are trained, receive knowledge from more experienced, competent colleagues.

We keep confidentiality, we are responsible for the real damage caused by our fault.

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