Expense reports

Expense reports

If company employees regularly travel on business trips, use corporate cards, carry out expenses requiring reimbursement or the company has geographically remote divisions, then processing of expense reports is a time consuming process. The large amount of manual work of accountants increases the likelihood of errors. UCMS Group is ready to outsource the full accounting of settlements with accountable persons or part of the processes, including algorithmization.

Outsourcing results: reduction of paperwork and logistics costs, timely payments to employees, reduction of accounts receivable, acceleration of processes.

Service content and interaction procedure

We offer order accounting of expense reports, including the following basic operations:

  • verification of prepared documentation, accompanying papers;
  • data entry into the customer’s accounting system;
  • transfer of information from expense reports for payroll accounting;
  • control over the compliance of documents with legislative acts, development of personal templates;
  • control of completeness and correctness of document flow;
  • formation of orders for business trips.

Collection of documents is organized in a format convenient for the company: via courier delivery, by mail, through an online portal. The originals are scanned, archived, verified with electronic copies and sent in the chosen way to the customer with an attached expense report. Responsible representatives of the client’s accounting department and other authorized employees gain access to the portal. For operational communication with accountable persons, a “hot line” is organized.

The results of the work – a ready-made expense report, an application for payments, the amount of personal income tax accruals, posting to the customer’s accounting system. Managers receive detailed reports, selective analytical data, which allows them to plan travel expenses for future periods.

The cost of services is formed individually based on a preliminary analysis of business processes.

Benefits for the customer

An expense payment for the report is issued to an employee who buys goods / services for economic needs for the organization and to employees who go on a business trip. The grounds for the issuance of funds are an order of the head, a written statement of the employee. Managers, whose signature is required on documents, may be out of the office, so the process of confirming expense reports creates a burden on the accounting department and takes a significant amount of time.

By transmitting tooutsourcing of expense reports , the customer of the service receives a number of advantages:

  • delivery of travel documents on time;
  • control over the spending of funds, reduction of employees’ debt to the employer;
  • continuity of work processes. The difficult section of the accounting department will not stop due to dismissal, illness, workload of a full-time specialist. The outsourcer is responsible for the timing, quality of service;
  • the possibility of remote approval by the head of travel, entertainment expenses. Remote approval of documents is possible due to automation ofprocessing expense reports .

We develop the most suitable set of support options, from which the cost of the service is formed. Contact us to discuss the details of cooperation.

5 advantages of UCMS Group

We know about all changes in legislation
We are aware of the latest changes in the field of wages: tax payments and other mandatory contributions.
Our team consists of only experienced professionals
We employ qualified specialists with an individual approach to the client
We take into account all changes within the client’s company
Clients cooperate with us on an ongoing basis. And we promptly respond to any changes in clients’ companies – we analyze and, if necessary, make adjustments to our work. This does not require additional costs on the part of the client – the option is included in the standard package of services.
We launch a new project in 1-2 months
We develop and agree on the order of interaction for each company. We can start work the next day – depending on the wishes of the client.
We offer both standard and exclusive service packages
Check with our consultant for details.