Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing

The ability to focus on business without wasting time on non-core internal processes is important for enterprises of all sizes and industries. We have been working since 2006, serving Ukrainian and foreign enterprises.

We provide services for maintaining individual sections of accounting and in full, on an ongoing basis or occasionally, as needed.

Benefits of accounting outsourcing

The classic format of bookkeeping is accounting by an internal unit consisting of one or more full-time specialists. Companies often make mistakes in the selection of specialists, which may result in accounting errors, the cost of paying fines to regulatory authorities, and the search for new employees. Experienced, qualified accountants who control all changes in legislation are becoming more and more expensive. Staff costs are higher thanaccounting outsourcing costs .

In addition to reducing the cost of the taxable base and staff maintenance, the transfer of financial functions to outsourcing gives the customer a number of other advantages:

  • effective tax risk management based on the experience and qualifications of UCMS Group employees;
  • prompt solution of financial issues arising in the course of activities, continuity of service, independence from sick leave and holidays of performers;
  • a high level of control of accounting staff, accurate assessment of their qualifications;
  • concentration of the client on the core business;
  • savings on the purchase, support, updates of specialized software, on the purchase of information and reference legal systems.

The results of outsourcing the accounting department – back-office working like a clock, transparent business processes, increasing the investment attractiveness of the enterprise.

Accounting outsourcing services

Our employees are professionals in the financial consulting industry. We offer basic services, which can be reduced or supplemented depending on the specifics of the activity, business requirements:

  • consulting on accounting in accordance with Ukrainian legislation;
  • staff training;
  • organization of accounting from the maintenance of primary documents to the preparation and analysis of management or tax reporting;
  • calculation of taxes and interaction with the inspection;
  • verification of counterparties;
  • recovery of lost tax or accounting data;
  • support in the implementation of software products;
  • work with employees;
  • setting up a liability system;
  • preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS, GAAP, etc.

We not only conduct accounting, but also study the impact of data on the strategic development of a business, identify possible risks in a timely manner, and help prevent them.

Financial services outsourcing cost depends on the number of transactions, the taxation system, the volume of banking transactions, the presence of representative offices, branches, the number of employees. The commercial offer is formed individually after analyzing the data provided.

Terms of cooperation

We study the specifics of the company, the existing processes of the client, on the basis of which the interaction procedure and the time frame for providing the necessary information are prepared. We ensure the storage and confidentiality of data. The service can be provided both remotely and at the client’s office. With remote service, authorized customer representatives gain access to information, reports and forms. Accounting outsourcing pays off in further activities. This is evidenced by our positive accounting experience for Red Bull, Kyivstar, Bosch, Ehrmann, Hochland, Royal Canin clients and positive feedback from other clients.