Online Reports

We offer efficient online solution to Payroll and HR data 24/7 for managing standard and customized reports, personal data or HR documents when you want, where you want.

24/7 online access to Payroll and HR data. Fully customizable online reports.

Only one or two mouse clicks

You are mostly interested in calculation results and their impact on your business.

We understand it and make access to detailed Payroll and HR information in only one or two mouse clicks.

We give you complete control to review/ analyze your reporting needs prior to going live and depending on your requirements. Together with standard statutory reports and returns, we can prepare customized reports after the monthly payroll processing has been completed.

If you need an ad-hoc report you can easily export data 24/7 to a spreadsheet and compile a report on your computer. And if you do not have time to do it, we will do it for you.

Often, you will like to understand the impact of changes in your internal payroll regulations or you plan to add a new wage type. We will run mock payroll lists for the requested period so that you can make informed and better business decisions.

Employee Self Service

Aside from Online Reports you can have the online access to an Employee Self Service where you can view or update personal payroll / HR information. Learn more about Employee Self Service portal here.

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