HR Administration Services

Our HR experts run HR Administration process so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Customised payroll processing outsourcing services in Ukraine.  Designed to best fulfill your needs!

Most companies do not have sufficient expertise in areas of employee record management and regulatory compliance. Our services can benefit your company by our proven track records in the Ukrainian market.

Meet your specific requirements

Our HR experts run your HR Administration process just select which services you want to use.

We set up, maintain and update employee files according to labour legislation and your internal regulations. At the same time, we maintain and update employee records in the HR Management System.

We make sure that your company stays compliant with labour legislation and requirements, whether you hire new employees, promote them to new positions or when they leave your business.

Where expertise does make a difference

Labour legislation is complex and open to varied interpretations.

That is especially true in Ukraine. What matters then is a practical application of regulations to real-life business situations. You will benefit from our hands-on experience to avoid pitfalls and complexities of the legislation.

On-Site HR Service

On-Site HR is dedicated to customers who like HR services to be provided directly at their premises or who need support for the on-site HR team.

We understand that it is not always possible or convenient to entirely give up in-house processing. Using On-Site HR, you will enjoy benefits of working with an experienced partner, while keeping a close eye on the process and services.

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